Meet the Team

Grainne Winterlich


Grainne is part of the team at The Beauty Suite laser and skin care clinic since September 2008.

Grainne has a wealth of beauty knowledge and experience having worked in the industry for the more than ten years. A brow perfectionist, Grainne is always in demand with her clientele. You will always receive a warm welcoming smile from Grainne on your visits to the salon.


  • Favourite Cocktail : Strawberry Daiquiri
  • If you were not a beauty therapist what would you do instead: Nurse
  • Favourite high street store: River Island
  • Best Part about your job: The feeling of making other people feel better about themselves
  • 3 words to describe you: Positive, Perfectionist, Determined
  • Diamonds or Pearls: Diamonds
  • Favourite activity: Shopping

Stephanie McDonagh


Stephanie a real waxing whizz, and would be happy to waxperts wax all day!

Steph joined the team in 2014 having previously worked in Dublin for 9 years in a busy beauty salon. Her experience shines through her treatments and results.

With a constant determination to deliver perfection to every client. Everybody loves Stephanie.


  • Favourite flavour: Chocolate (especially mint)
  • Vintage or New: Vintage
  • Favourite beauty product: Benefit Mascara
  • Favourite movie: The Lion King
  • Heels or Flats: Flats
  • Country you would like to visit: New York every time!
  • Favourite type of animal print: Cheetah

Jessica Loftus


The latest beauty recruit to join the team Jessica. With a drive and passion for all things beauty Jessica is already a very important asset to The Beauty Suite Laser & Skin Care Clinic. The baby of the team but probably the most sensible! Jessica is set for a bright future with her natural flair and talent when it comes to her work.


  • Favourite food: Mexican
  • Favourite pet: Dog
  • Favourite Perfume: Hollister
  • Leather or Lace: Lace
  • Messy or Neat: both!
  • Favourite time of year: Summer
  • Favourite actor: Liam Neeson

Anna Forde


Anna Forde owner of The Beauty Suite. With a drive and ambition to constantly better herself in all areas of the beauty industry. Loves changing lives with her laser hair removal treatments. Anna dips her hands in all areas of beauty, delivering treatments to her long list of clients while working outside the salon on radio and magazines,sharing her beauty tips and advise to the nation.


  • Favourite business woman: Victoria Beckham
  • Besides Galway where would you live: New York
  • Favourite Holiday: Vietnam
  • Favourite type of flower: Rose
  • Obsessed with: Work
  • First thing you do every morning: check e-mails
  • Movie that made you cry: 12 years a slave